Here follows the third attempt at Eurofront-2.
As the Germans again failed to conquer France in game 2, we started over again. This time we switched positions.

The Axis side will be played by Rasmus (Oberkommando West) and Oskar (Oberkommando East).

The allies are played by Jan (Sovjets) and Bo (Wallies).


  September 1939 to august 1940 (played: 16. January to 23. January 2007)  

September 1939

Poland,initial attack 1939

Poland, end of September

France, after the Benelux have been overrun

France, before the final collapse

Late 1940

German attack on Tunis

Medfront overview

before Barbarossa

Russia,initial assault 1941

Russia, southern front

Rommel takes charge

southern Russia september 1941


This is the third attempt at Eurofront-2, and again we decided to play it Gentlemenstyle, meaning that takebacks of obvious errors are allowed (if possible to revert) and both sides warn each other to oncoming events and the like. Just as the first Game, the Germans failed against the French, after failure to take Liege immediately. The lack of german 4-step infantry meant, that the Germans didnt have the manpower to keep pushing, the fighting ending in a Stalemate.


(1. february 2007)

September-39 The Axis opens with a Blitz, attempting to break through the polish lines at Katowitz and the area to the north of it. All units that can be engaged are engaged. The breakthrough succeeds north of Katowitz, while the Garrison in Krakow is reduced to cadre-size. In the 2nd Blitzphase the germans engage Radom with 2 armor, Krakow holds. German airforce so far dissapointing. The Allies respond with moving the unengaged HQ (positioned in the southernmost area, where it borders to Hungary) east of Warsawa togehter with the Cavalrycorps.
The second Forthnight seesanother German Blitz and the assualt on Radon, while Warsawa is engaged. Radon is cleared and the Germans attempt to cross the Vistula river to cut of Warsawa, but are repulsed bu the polish lancers. Poland not cut off!

October-39 Mud sets in early in the East. OKW is activated and the Germans attempt the Vistula crossing again, but are again repulsed. The allies pass happily. The second forthnight sees better weather and Warsawa gets sourrounded, but the garrison will alst until november.

November-39 Mud on all fronts. The Germans shuffle towards Curzon and start railing units westward. Bialystok goes to the germans. Allies pass. The second forthnight sees only passes and Poland falls to attrition.

December-39 The russian start the Winter War. The initial Blitz does not get much headway against tough finnish resistance in Vyborg and NE of it, the russians lose 3 mechanised divisions to 1 finnish infantry. The Finns reinforce the wooded areas, trying to hold the line a little longer. During the second forthnight the russians break through the line and cut national supply. The Finns offer armistice (HQ-1 and 2x Inf-1 left).

January-40 The Germans shuffle westward, while the Allies prepare in France, moving further troops from Britain.

February-40 The Germans make final preparations for "Operation Weserübung" and both sides shuffle a bit in the West.


(6. february 2007)

March-40 Germans play DS and activate HQ all over northern Germany. Denmark is occupied. The landings in Trondheim, Oslo, Bergen and Narvik go well, the Germans taking a single loss. The Allies respond by sending a Corps to Narvik. The second forthnight sees more German troops arrive in norway.

April-40 Russian S1 fails. The Germans prepare for the attack on Narvik.

May-40 Russian S1. Dietl attacks Narvik and absolutely no damgages are dealt either way.

June-40War on the Benelux. The Germans Blitz, Liege falls to the airattack, the Ardennes falls. The second phase sees Brussels attacked and cut off from possible help from the south, but its still in supply. Phillipville, defended by a single French army falls, the Germans position themselves in front of the Allied positions. In Narvik, both sides take a hit. The Allies make some rearrangements.
the second forthnight sees a HQ-3 activation, surrounding Brussels completely and attacking it with 3 armorcorps. Brussels falls, the French are demoralised.

July-40 The Germans Blitz and attack Chambray and Reims in force. The airattacks are weak and the germans wind up taking more, then they give, taking 2 tanklosses, despite mixed forces. In Narvik, the allied corps takes 2 damages. The Allies shuffle to optimize the front.
The second forthnight sees another slugfest, both sides taking steady losses. the Aliies end the turn by shuffling in France.

August-40 The britsh mechanised defender gets build up at double extreme costs. The Germans activate a HQ-2 and attack only at Chambrai, which again takes a steady toll on both sides. The second forthnight sees a German HQ-2 Blitz, which kills all but a single defender in Chambray. The Allies shuffle to meet the threatening breakthrough.

September-40 Italy joins the Axis. Another Blitz kills the remaining defenders in chambrai, the Italiens attack in the south without success. The Allies form a new line behind the River. the second Forthnight sees a German HQ-3 Blitz, which completely overwhelms the French line, sourrounding almost all remaining forces, including Paris.. France offers armistice, which the Germans reject! The remaining French forces are now supplied from London, French Northafrica becomes allied controlled.


(13. february 2007)

Oktober-40 October starts with the Alies allocating 5 points to the MEDfront, which all go through due to naval superiority. The Germans allocate 15, getting 8. They invest massivly in Norway, hoping for a final push. The Germans play Bessarabia succesfully.
Paris and Marseille fall, the germans sending units eastward, south of Vienna. Russia takes Bessarabia, allied unit evacuates from Le Havre to Britain. Good weather in the east and north. The Germans activate Dietl and reduce the defending Mech another step.

November-40 Not much happens, except another fight in snow in Norway, which again reduces the defender a step..

December-40 As the Defender in Narvik gets no reinforcements, the Germans finally overwhelm Narvik. Naval Parity in effect. Axis forces move towards Tunis.

Januar-41 The Germans invest Tunis, taking a loss. Russia moves troops around. More troops arrive on the MEDfront. Tunis is reduced due to Siegesupply. Allies pass.

Februar-41 The Germans send troops to Bessarabia. Else its very quiet. Tunis defender reduced to 1-step cadre.

March-41 Axis plays Italy unleashed, the Allies shake in their pants... The remaining fortresses in France are eliminated. Both sides send more troops to Northafrika.

April-41 Greece joins the allies. Germany sends units to Italy, reinforce Albania. " British units arrive in Egypt after travelling around Africa. More troops arrive at the eastfront, (which still is very weak. Losses in France were heavy and to reach something like the troop concentration from the Barbarossa scenario will be all but impossible.

May-41 Mud in the east. More units arrive . The second forthnight sees mud again, more units arrive.

June-41 Barbarossa is delayed, as the buildup is not strong enough yet. An attack on the Tunis garrison fails, the germans have now spent half a year at Tunis, instead of threatening Egypt, where a massive allied buildup has occured in the meantime.


(21. february 2007)

July-41 BARBAROSSA! Germany starts out with 2 blitz-3 (Romania and south of Pripet), breaking the russian line in several places. In the north HQ-2 is activated, but meets very weak russian resistance. The second blitzphase in the south sees Odessa cut of and attacked (by armor). dicerolling so far slightly in favor of the Axis, though the Luftwaffe dissapoints yet again. Russia responds by activating Stavka and sails out the HQ-1 from Odessa to Sevastopol, units from the strong northern second line are deployed south to meet the germans. In the MED, Tunis is fianlly taken.

The second forthnight starts with activation of the OKH-3 and an HQ-3 in Ternopol - all 3 HQ-3's are in the south! The new russian front is attacked all along the line and wiped out. Russia activates Stavka-2 and a HQ-2 at Bakhmach, building a defenseline behind the Dnepr. In Africa the Allies attack Tobruk (Garrison 2) with a 4-armor and a 4-inf, unsupported, but with air , both sides lose a step.

August-41 The Germans activate OKH and a HQ-2 in the south. German units move towards the Dnepr line, making a succesfull crossing attempt at Lubny with 3 fast units, 2 are repulsed. In the north an unsupported attempt to invest Riga is repulsed by the defending inf-4. Russia responds with activating Stavka, building a solid doubleline in front of the germans. At Tobruk the allies attack again unsupported, but with aircover. Tobruk holds agai, even though the attack is made by 4 units (4 armor, 4 mech and 4 inf). In their eager to take Tobruk, the allies left their flanks unguarded.

The second Forthnight sees Rommel in action as the German HQ-2 blitzes and sourroundes Tobruk, while strengthening the defenders. All 4 allied attackers suffer attrition losses!. In Russia, the germans Blitz with a Hq-3 at Kirovgrad. The russian line comes under massive assault and breaks at several places., German spearheads even cross the the Donetz, to prevent another russian defensive line in the south. All major Cities west of Rostov are either taken or sourrounded. A glorious month for the Germans at both fronts!

September-41 In Russia the Germans advance along the entire Front, Rostov is taken. Russia responds with an succesfull amhibious assault on undefended Danzig. Naval Superiority for the Allies! the russian front withdraws to the north-east, forming a solid block in front of Leningrad and Moscow. On the second forthnight, the germans close with the russian lne, taking out two russian units while racing past Rostov in the south, attacking Stalingrad (defender is a cadre) and conquering the undefended Maikop oilfields. In Africa, the Axis forces cross into Egypt, where new units are raised.