This is our first attempt at playing Eurofronts-II with all the bells and whistles.

The Axis side will be played by Bo (Oberkommando East) and Rasmus (Oberkommando West). Axis players, Bo on the left.

The allies are played by Jan (Wallies) and me, Oskar (Sovjets). Allied players, Jan on the left.


  September 1939 to august 1940 (played: 2nd January 2007 to 16 january 2007)  

September 1939

Poland, september 1939

Poland, last stand

Invasion of Norway

Attack on the Benelux countries

The Benelux, phase 2

Assault on France

Dietl atacks Oslo

France, the line wavers

The Germans before the final push

France, final situation


Opening positions, September 1939
The way the Allies look at things. The Germans are setup to take Poland as fast as possible.

As this is our first attempt at Eurofront-2, we decided to play it Gentlemenstyle, meaning that takebacks of obvious errors are allowed (if possible to revert) and both sides warn each other to oncoming events and the like. This game has a lot of special rules to make it work "historically". Gloating and snickering IS still in effect, as is wisecracking and ranting.


(2nd january 2007)

September-39: The Germans set their main push through the thin polish line at Katowitz and the area NE of Katowitz, while engaging everywhere to prevent any movement, especially to reinforce Warsawa. The first blitzphase clears the area NE, but not Katowitz itself, which makes it impossible to engage the position East of Warsawa, presumably holding the polish HQ. Instead Warsawa is assaulted heavily, but failing to clear the step-4 infantry there. The polish respond by moving the unengaged HQ into Warsawa with a THQ move, thus reinforcing the city. Warsawa is still in communication with London.
The second forthnight sees another direct assault on Warsawa, which weakens the defenders, but does not break them. The German HQ's are severely weakened already.

October-39 sees another blitz-assault against the city in good weather, but fails to take it. The second forthnight sees a change of tactics, as mud and low-HQ take their toll. The germans settle to surround the City and prepare for that, moving the armor out of Warsawa.

November-39 sees no action at all, the germans needing time to rebuild their HQ's. Warsawa survives unsurrounded.

December-39 The Russians attack Finnland (sorry, no picture) and break the line in the first forthnight, bringing large amounts of mechanised units with them. The Axis offers an armistice, which is accepted.
In Poland the germans attempt to surround the city completely fails due to bad luck. The Second forthnight finally brings the end of Poland!

Commentary from the German Highcommand East

January-40 The Germans finally offer Peace, Phonywar (PW) is in effect. Bialystok falls to the Germans in a borderdispute. The Germans move more forces towards the west.

February-40 The Sovjets manage to start army-reforms (S1). The Germans setup and shuffle around for coming operations in the west and north.

(9th january 2007)

March-40 Germans play DS, while the allies play NP.Denmark surrenders without a fight and the germans send several corps in, looks like the invasion of Norway is imminent. Russia moves his now veteran troops from the finnish borders southward. The second forthnight sees more Axis troops position themselves.

April-40 The Axis declares war on Norway, activating 3 HQ, 2 as Blitz. There are landings in Oslo, Trondheim and Narvik (which takes both steps of 1 blitz-HQ to reach). Both at Oslo and Narvik the understrength attackers are defeated, while Trondheim falls to the Germans. The second Blitzphase sees a landing in undefended Kristianssand. The Allies respond by sending troops to Narvik and France. The second forthnight sees more German troops arrive in Norway at Kristianssand, while the Allies shuffle in France in preparation of the imminent attack.

May-40 But May approaches and nothing happened, the Germans move around a bit, as do the allies, still waiting. The French army, well supported by the british, is as ready as it ever will be...

June-40 The Blitz in the west. The Axis declares war on the Benelux countries. Amsterdam survives despite being assaulted by 3 german corps, including 2 Pz. The belgian static miraculously survives an assault of 3 Panzercorps. Liege is assaulted from both the air and from the ground and falls quickly. The second blitzphase sees the Panzers race past the break towards the french border, surrounding Brussels, which in turn gets assaulted massively, but holds (reduced 1 further step after the german turn). Incredibly, the Ardennes static holds once more, but gets reduced to zero value (it remains there until next combat). Holland falls. The Allies reinforce the french borders and await the onslaught. Russia passes. In the second forthnight, the germans are contend with reducing at taking Brussels. The allies pass, Belgian falls and the french army becomes demoralised.

July-40 The germans activate a single BlitzHQ and assault the solid french-british line at Lille, Cambrai, calais and Phillipsville (riverassault). That way, direct support between the defending areas is prevented as much as possible. Most combat is unspectacular, but at Phillipsville all 3 german Corps are repulsed, taking light losses. Oslo gets attacked by Dietl, but holds with 2 static defenders. The second Blitzphase sees another assault at Cambrai, both sides taking heavy losses this time. The Allies shuffle troops around, as do the Russians. The second forthnight sees a renewed attack along the french line. At Cambrai, the german take 4 losses, mainly tanks, while only doing 2. At Phillipsville, 3 corps cross the rivers, while the paras drop on the defenders. Still, the french manage to repulse 2 units, both sides taking light losses, the paratroopers dies as the weakest unit gets repulsed first. Oslo gets attacked again, but still holds, the germans taking the worst of it. The allies send another expeditionary corps to France and abandon Calais (Germans on french soil!).

August-40 Dramatic events occur this month! The Axis activate another blitz-HQ to continue their push through the french-british line. At Phillipsville 2 Pz and 2 Inf corps assault with airsupport, doing 2 damage, while recieving 3. At Cambrai the french do 6 damage, mainly against the panzers, the germans are severely weakened and return only a single damage. In Norway Dietl with 2 mountaineer and 2 Infantry corps for the third time unsuccesfully assaults Oslo, taking 2 damage. The second Blitzphase sees a renewed effort at Phillipsville, the defenders getting nearly overwhelmed, only 1 step of mechanised remains. the allies counterattack at Cambrai, as the 3 german corps are all but cadres (2 Pz, 1 Inf). But the germans hold, losing only 1 infantry as the attack is without HQ support. The disrupted French HQ are severely handicapping the allies ability to respond to the germans movements. The second forthnight sees another german blitz. Cambrai is abandoned, only a 1-step armor as a rearguard remains, as the effort now changes toward Phillipsville. Despite having 10 armor steps in the attack, the germans need both Blitzphases to eliminate the stubborn defenders. The french defense is now in serious trouble. All HQ are step 1 and disrupted to boot, while the germans threaten to surround Paris, only a single corps standing in their way and no double line established. In a desperate attempt to establish a double line the french THQ is activated at step-1 (disrupted 0) only to move itself into the second line at Nancy as a stopgap unit. The german rearguard at Cambrai gets defeated in an unsupported combat.

September-40 Italy joins the Axis. The Germans activate a HQ-2-blitz, taking Reims and continue into Paris with 2 armor and SE-Pais, where they engage the french THQ-0. Both combats are unsupported and both defenders hold. The Germans overlooked that their units ran too far from their supplysources, as there is no direct railline. The allies, having next to no HQ left, move 2 BEF units south of Paris, to lengthen the way around Paris for the german Panzers. The German forces lose a step (2 armor, 1 inf). the second forthnight sees the german - which HQ's seemingly are totally exhuasted by now - retreat into supplied areas, moving units towards Lille. As there are british defenders in Paris, the german rearguard is lost. the allies pass.

Oktober-40 The MF is activated, both sides allocate 15 points. As the allies still hold Narvik, they have naval superiority and recieve all 15 points. the german roll 3 dice and get 4 points through. When it rains... The german attack Lille, but are repulsed easily by the 3-step french inf, losing 2 armorsteps. After a little discussion, THE GERMANS CEDE THE GAME!

Comment: As we made several errors during this first play we readily agreed, that starting over was the right thing t do. The gravest error was in interpreting the "Line of communication" in Poland (we overlooked that it could not be drawn through engaged hexes). This held Poland in the game until December, which in turn let the french build up their forces, as the Phoney war didnt come into effect. The second error was about the DS (Denmark surrenders) event, where the Norway invasion should have been in the same turn. On a more personal note, the invasion was carried out with units far too weak for the task as well.