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Last updated / sidst opdateret den 9. mar. 2007

AAR, reports from my weekly gaming group

This is the second version of Columbiagames Frontgames series. This is it! Finally we got the third box. In preparation for this we played Eastfront (which I have known for many years) and when the westfront arrived, we combined East and West for the 1943 scenario. After that the 1944 scenario. We learned a lot from those and now feel ready to try the big one - September 1939! For this game see also:
Britannia, an online game (active)

This was the second attempt to play Britannia as an emailgame. As in the first attempt lack of dedication by some players and by me halted the game. All you need to game is found here: PBEMBritannia , including dicerolling and all, great site.
Private Area, family stuff.

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Stuff, ressources, privat.
Traveller, ressources for my Traveller Campaign.